Why Refinance with Pat Dolan, powered by SELFi?

1. Lower Interest Rates

Partners, like Rocket Mortgage, provide us their wholesale rates. Since we empower you to shop and apply, we pass the savings to you.

2. Speed

Pat is quick to respond and most loans close in 15 days or less. 

3. Transparency

Unlike other mortgage companies sites that profit from consumer ignorance, SELFi is focused on educating and empowering you.

Why are rates lower with SELFi than working directly with the lender?

It’s because lenders provide us wholesale interest rates.

Average U.S. Mortgage Rates (weekly)

FreddieMac: Primary Mortgage Market Survey (PMMS)

Which option is right for you?

Our advice is to think about how long you anticipate owning your home and calculate the break-even point.

The longer you own your home and have this mortgage, the more you benefit from a lower rate. Conversly, if you think you may sell your home in a few years, it’s likely more beneficial to choose a rate that provides a lender credit.