Get a Lower Interest Rate and work with an Experienced Broker

You no longer have to choose. Get the savings through SELFi, a top rated digital mortgage broker with the guidance of Pat Dolan, a mortgage adviser with 2 years of experience. It’s the best of both worlds. 

Pat Dolan mobile mortgage rates

Why choose Pat Dolan powered by SELFi?

1. Lower Interest Rates

Our digital mortgage eliminates cost which is pass backed to you. Skeptical? See for yourself. AccuRate, our accurate refinance rate table, enables you to check customized interest rates without a single phone call, empowering you to save.

2. Expert Service

No doubt the #1 goal is to save you money. With Pat, you get the savings of a digital broker but the support of a mortgage adviser and Realtor with 2 years of mortgage experience and 8 as a Realtor. 

3. Save Time

Leveraging a digital application with my knowledge enables loans to close 2x faster than industry standard. And if you need support, you won’t be handed-off to a college-age phone rep. We’re together from start to finish. 

Rocket Mortgage Top 20 Broker

SELFi was #17 of 10,000+ mortgage brokers with Rocket Mortgage in 2020

What do customers think of Pat Dolan and SELFi?


Pat is honest, timely and very communicative. He was available for me whenever I had a question or a concern and made this process seamless! I HIGHLY recommend Patrick and SELFi to anyone who is looking to refinance

- Eric S., CA



Patrick is hands down the most honest and transparent salesperson we have ever dealt with. He gave us all the information we needed to make a decision and was not at all pushy. We got a great rate for our refinance and the whole process was seamless.

- Scott and Cameron, CA


Pat was super helpful and answered all my questions by email thoroughly and quickly. This was the easiest refinance ever! Thank you:) ."

- Dawn W, CA

Born from Experience

SELFi started after disappointed by other mortgage sites. Non-stop calls, aggressive sales tactics, bait and switched on rates. There had to be better way! We believe its putting YOU in control.

We’re serious about security and use industry standards to ensure your personal information is securely stored.

Our mission is to help you achieve financial freedom sooner.

Whether it’s saving you money by paying less interest, finding a solution when banks cannot, or helping you purchase your dream home, we are here to help.

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